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6 Piece Knife Set




Wolf Gourmet® 6 Piece Knife set

Wolf Gourmet cutlery merges the precision of Japanse style blades with the durability of german forging to inspire confidence in the kitchen.  

Prep work is often considered a mundane chore. Slicing, dicing, and chopping – you know the drill. Whether you are a seasoned pro, or just developing your skills, the right knife can make a world of difference. With a precision knife, you feel in absolute control, ready to take on any culinary challenge. Created by industry professionals, people who live, work, and dream cutlery, Wolf Gourmet knives meet exacting standards developed by professional chefs. Dicing onions, julienning carrots, mincing garlic, hulling strawberries, slicing fresh baked bread, cutting a slice of delicate lemon chiffon cake - no matter the task, our cutlery is at the ready. Purchase as a set or create your own collection with individual pieces.

Key Features

  • Forged high-carbon stainless steel
  • Tempered to optimal Rockwell C hardness of 61
  • Sharpened to 12.5° per side
  • Razor-sharp cutting edge
  • Comfortable pekkawood handles
  • For right or left handed use
  • Full tang
  • Rounded spine and bolster
  • Made in Germany
  • lifetime limited warranty
  • 6-Piece Set

    Whether you're a seasoned pro, or just discovering the pleasures of cooking for the first time, these trusted culinary companions offer performance far beyond your expectations.

    25cm serrated bread knife




    For all types of crusty or soft breads, as well as larger fruits such as melons, a serrated bread knife helps create clean cuts and uniform slices. A serrated bread knife is also perfect for sweet breads and cakes.


     20cm chef's knife


    Your primary kitchen tool is the chef’s knife. It is the first thing you pick up when preparing a meal and the last thing you put down. This classic knife is often considered the all-purpose utensil, as its wide blade chops, cuts, smashes, and scoops up food.

     14cm utility knife



    A workhorse in the kitchen, the Wolf Gourmet utility knife is a lighter, all-purpose knife with many uses. It’s your go-to knife for jobs too small for the chef’s knife and too big for the paring knife.


     8cm paring knife


      Small and versatile, the Wolf Gourmet paring knife is an indispensable tool for a wide range of uses. Delicate tasks such as peeling vegetables or hulling strawberries call for a paring knife.

    Honing steel

      A honing steel smooths and realigns the blade to give you the best possible performance between sharpenings. Keep your blades in top condition with the 10 inch Wolf Gourmet honing steel suitable for all sizes of non-serrated knives. Regular honing will maintain knife edges for up to a year depending on use. A contoured handle provides a comfortable and secure grip.    

    Knife block

      Protect your investment by storing your knives in the Wolf Gourmet knife storage block. Angled hardwood storage block keeps pieces within easy reach and helps protect cutting edges. There is a convenient tablet/book rest on back of block for easy recipe access. It holds eight knives, a honing steel and shears.

     *Please note: Storage block is counted as an individual piece.

    Better meals are close at hand

    Wolf, the brand synonymous with delicious results, presents Wolf Gourmet – countertop appliances and kitchen tools that embody the precision control of their larger counterparts. From prepping ingredients to the finished dish, with Wolf Gourmet, the dish you envision will be the dish you serve.

    Precision and durability


    Specialty high-carbon stainless steel is forged and ground in germany using advanced laser technology to ensure a razor-sharp edge. The blades are an optimal Rockwell hardness of 61 and remain easy to maintain for a lifetime.


    Premium Materials




    Each knife is made from specialty high-carbon stainless steel that is precision forged for exceptional strength and durability.

    Ergonomic for everyone


    The full-tang blade and rounded spine and bolster make for wonderful comfort, while a moisture-resistant pekkawood handle sits naturally in your hand and provides the ideal grip for effortless slicing, dicing, and mincing.


    Lifetime construction



    Blade is heat-treated and ice hardened to create a fine carbide microstructure for more micro-chip resistance. Full-tang design and triple reveted handle provide perfect balance and adds to the durable, dependable performance.

     "The ideal collection"



    Most professional chefs agree that every cook should own chef's, bread, and paring knives. The Wolf Gourmet Set also includes an all-purpose utility knife.