Riccardo de Pra



Dolada, Italy


Wolf ICBDF366 Dual Fuel range

Innovative chef Riccardo de Prà was taught to cook by his father and honed his skills at the family restaurant in the Veneto region of northern Italy, before travelling the world to discover new flavours and techniques.

Riccardo has chosen Sub-Zero & Wolf appliances for his home kitchen and selected the state-of-the-art kitchen equipment to complement a gastronomic vision that is delivered with techniques reminiscent of a master craftsman.

Riccardo has drawn inspiration for his cooking from an innate love of travel and rich, family tradition. He is passionate about exploring the world and understanding the different gastronomic traditions of every country he has visited. After travelling Europe extensively he returned to work at the family restaurant alongside his father Enzo to apply the wealth of knowledge he gained during his travels.

After developing his skills in the family business, his thirst for knowledge took him on a further adventure to Tokyo where under the guidance of his mentor Hiroisha Koyama, all other gastronomic adventures were surpassed.

In February 2009, Riccardo returned to London to lead the kitchen team at Dolada in Mayfair, creating a menu with Italian foundations yet delivered with the talent of a master technician, and a passion steeped in family tradition.

For example, Riccardo’s take on spaghetti carbonara combines pecorino cheese, pancetta, and an egg poached at a low temperature for an hour – a tip picked up in Japan – which, when mixed together by the diner, makes a rich yet cream-free sauce.

Riccardo on Sub-Zero & Wolf

"I first discovered Sub-Zero & Wolf because I was living across from their stunning showroom on the Brompton Road. I am not a billionaire, but Wolf’s ovens and stoves are so worth the money as they bring the passion back to cooking. They are truly for people that love to cook as the control they allow is amazing and second to none. I also love the timeless design of Sub-Zero & Wolf as my kitchen feels brand new every day!"

Riccardo de Pra Cooks Through Italy on Wolf Range