Shaun Rankin


Shaun on Wolf

"Personally I like a variety of versatile appliances to make my life easier when cooking at home. On my Wolf oven range at home I have a multi function cooking top and a griddle which is ideal for cooking burgers and scallops for the family."

"The range is made to give you extra control over what you are cooking as it has two ovens which is ideal when cooking a Sunday roast as I can cook roast potatoes at 200 degrees Celsius in one oven and roast beef in the other at 170 degrees Celsius."

Shaun on Sub-Zero refrigeration

"Superior food preservation is important to me as it’s paramount I cook with the freshest, seasonal, local foods I can source. My Sub-Zero preserves my food at the perfect temperature and conditions, extending the freshness of my ingredients until I’m ready to use them."

Shaun on Sub-Zero wine storage

"I love the flexibility of storing red wine and white wine in one unit. My Sub-Zero wine storage unit offers me two different temperature zones from 4-18 degrees C and it also gives me colder refrigerated drawers below for storing ice-cold beers and soft drinks. The unit works very effectively to keep the wines at optimum condition for me."