Thomasina Miers


Tomasina on Sub-Zero

"I adore my Sub-Zero fridge/freezer. It looks like a spaceship in my kitchen, quite the sexiest thing I’ve ever owned. Even my husband is obsessed with it, which is a real turnaround! With my Wolf ovens he may even be cooking for me next."

"My Sub-Zero crisper keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for about a week longer than in my old fridge. It’s hugely impressive and also incredibly beautiful. My Sub-Zero freezer allows me to see exactly what I’ve got stored away so that I can always whip something out if I suddenly have people coming over. The ice-machine is made for throwing parties...we can’t wait to have our first one."

Tomasina on Wolf

"Wolf make the best kitchen kit. I truly believe this. I’ve been making chocolate truffles for years and never has it been easier than on my electric hob. I am no longer pray to the risk of chocolate burning and can make hundreds every weekend if I want. Making custard is a total delight rather than the normal, slightly hair-raising experience"

Tomasina on Sub-Zero & Wolf Living Kitchen London

"The new Sub-Zero and Wolf showroom is not only dead slinky but provides an informal, cosy place to cook for people using Wolf’s incredibly sexy appliances. There is no showroom that I would rather cook in."

Thomasina Miers