James Martin


James on Sub-Zero

"For the kind of reliability and quality that is integral to storing superior food I depend on Sub-Zero every time. I recently chose the 700TCI fridge with freezer drawers. It is so flexible and spacious (capacity of around 140 litres) and has a clean look as it fits flush to the rest of my kitchen cabinets. Plus I was attracted to the dual refrigeration system, which is unique to the brand. Dual compressors within the model maintain independent conditions in the refrigerator and freezer drawers to prevent odours from food mixing between the two. It also means there is constant temperature control so food stays fresher for longer".

James on Wolf

"I have always found the Wolf brand first class, dependable and so easy to use, which is essential when cooking in a fast-pace environment like a busy restaurant kitchen. I chose the Dual Fuel Range with the charbroiler and griddle as it gives me the best of both worlds, with gas hobs for excellent temperature control and a dual convection electric oven. The fact that there are eight cooking modes, which provide four different heat sources within the same oven also greatly attracted me. This function means I can roast, proof bread and griddle using the same appliance. It also reduces cooking time and gives even browning without drying out the food".

James on Sub-Zero & Wolf Living Kitchen London

"This great new showroom highlights the best in domestic ovens and refrigeration - it is a must to go and visit".

James Martin
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